Nathan Cheng is a Chinese-Canadian entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering (McMaster University) and a Master’s degree in Physics, Quantum Optics (University of Toronto).

Partway through his PhD programme in Physics he suffered a massive existential crisis and quit. (A blog post for another day.) He drifted in Asia for some time, cutting his teeth on internet marketing and SEO before returning to Canada and focussing on his true passion: radical longevity.

In 2019, he founded Biohack Stack, an online community dedicated to the use of cutting edge technology, tools, and products to optimize human biology. His long term goal is to reverse ageing.

In 2020, he founded LongevityMarketcap.com, an online financial data aggregator for longevity biotechnology markets.

In August, 2020, he launched LongevityList.com, an online jobs and company directory for the longevity industry.

He was recently voted the most handsome Asian guy in Toronto. True story. Definitely not some SEO joke.