About me, and some of my work.

Hi, I’m Nathan Cheng. I’m on a mission to end biological aging. Here are some of the projects I’ve created or am affiliated with:

  • VITALISM, Co-founder – The revolutionary movement to get humanity to make fighting aging and death its #1 priority.
  • Longevity Biotech Fellowship, Co-Executive Director – A nonprofit with a mission to increase the number of people working on longevity and help maximize their impact.
  • Healthspan Capital, General Partner & Co-founder – Early stage fund investing in LongBio companies. 1st and largest longevity rolling fund on Angel List.
  • On Deck Longevity Biotech, Program Director – A continuous community for people to come together to build, join, and invest in revolutionary longevity biotechnology startups.
  • Longevity Marketcap Newsletter – A weekly newsletter covering developments in the longevity biotech industry. Monthly deep dives into subsectors within longevity biotech.
  • Longevity List – A website featuring jobs, companies, and investors in the longevity biotech space.
  • The Longevity Biotech Show – A weekly live Clubhouse room and recorded podcast that features Q&As with the people building and funding longevity biotechnology. Co-created with Robert Ziman.
  • Longevity Base Forum – The Stack Exchange for aging biology and longevity biotechnology. Co-creator: Alex K. Chen
  • Humans for Longevity – A literary art project featuring the stories of people who care about longevity why they chose to do something about aging.
  • One Percent Bet – An initiative to get individuals and companies to pledge 1% of their resources towards ending aging.

My Longevity Biotech Investing Newsletter:

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